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Product Features


 Light weight and durable: 

60% lighter than traditional solid wood pallet.

Nestable-Save your valuable storage space:

Stacking 50 pallets measures only 2 meters, greatly facilitating to the transportation.

No nail or screw:

Pressed forming design without nail or screw to make sure the safety of products and workers.

Round edges: 

Round edges avoid the products to be broken by the fierce edge so as to enhance the safety

Cost saving: 

Wood chips come from wood waster, much lower in the cost than solid wood by 10%-20%, so the cost for presswood pallet is much more competitive. As our R&D advantages, we offer more reasonable price for the customer.

Recyclable and Eco-friendly: 

By fully utilize wood chips and wood wasters, presswood pallet is a recycled and degradable products, a great alternative to pallets made both of traditional solid wood and plastic.

ISPM15 compliance: 

Presswood pallet is compliant to the China regulation for treatment of export wood packing and meeting standard of ISPM15.

Available in different sizes and designs: 

Diversified product lines to meet all needs of customer with different sizes and designs including customized products.

All the pallets made by us are suitable for both automatic and manual forklift.

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